Why do I have the impression that someone is watching me?

Spyware is one of the most prevalent online hazards. These undetectable malicious programs are meant to discreetly circumvent firewalls and anti-virus software without the user's knowledge. When incorporated into a computer, it can degrade system performance while collecting your personal information. Fortunately, unlike viruses and worms, spyware programs [...]

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Tips For A Better Home Inside And Out

While many people find home improvement to be quite a challenge, there are many simpler projects you can handle if you understand how to do it. Read these tips and home [...]

Surveillance Video Camera System – May Save Your Family

Everyone wants to be assured that their family is safe in their own home. Plus, people work hard to own their own home so it is only natural that they want to protect it as [...]

Subnets and Subnet Masks

One of the most complex tasks TCP/IP has to perform is to determine whether or not a given IP address exists on the same subnet. The task isn't really that complicated once [...]

PC Surveillance Camera – Nannycams And More

There is an extensive list of security devices that can be put into place in your home. Any of them can be of benefit for deterring crime and attempting to catch someone in [...]

Infrared Surveillance Cameras – Things To Consider

Many families are investing in security systems for their homes. But some want a little more protection than the standard setup. For them, having infrared surveillance [...]

Dummy Surveillance Camera – A Viable Inexpensive Option

With home invasions occurring at the rate of approximately one every fifteen seconds homeowners are using every means at their disposal to deter break-ins. But for some, [...]