Different types of locking mechanisms and which is right for you

Door Hardware

When considering how to secure your home, it’s important to know what types of locks are out there. There are several options available (see below), and each option ranges in quality. First familiarise yourself with lock standards often used by emergency locksmiths.

Standard knob or lever – £7 to £100

The most common locking feature found on a home is the locking knob or lever handle. While the term “Locks keep honest people honest” can be applied to all types of mechanisms, it is 100% true for knobs and levers. Because the spring latch found in this style of lock doesn’t sit far in the door frame, these locks are not very effective against break-ins. However, pairing a locking knob or lever with another locking mechanism does heighten security.

Security Night Latch – £35 to £65

A security night latch is another spring loaded lock that requires a key to unlock every time you approach it. The spring latch in a security night latch is similar to a knob or lever in that there’s more give between the mechanism and the door, making it easy to credit-card open. However, a benefit to the night latch is that it does not require any manual locking when you leave.

Deadbolt – £10 to £75

Deadbolts are one of the most secure locks to have on your home. Deadbolts do not rely on spring pressure like knobs or night latches, and the bolt itself extends further into the door frame than a spring latch does. While standard deadbolts require you to manually lock them with a key when you leave the house, there have been advancements in the industry, creating digitally powered deadbolts that can automatically lock behind you.

Digital deadbolts range from £100 to £200.

Window hardware

The windows in your home are another vulnerability. Most windows nowadays have a locking mechanism in place; this is called a sash window. However, if you’re looking for added security, you can try some of the options below.

Sliding window bar lock – £15 to £25

The sliding window bar lock is an aluminium pole that you put lengthwise in the frame of your window, between the sliding panels. When installed properly, it prevents the window from being opened. This lock is installed from inside the home.

Window Bars – £20 to £70

You can also try installing window bars. Although not always aesthetically pleasing, exterior bars on your windows prevent entry if an intruder were to break glass.

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